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21 June 2006 @ 02:56 pm
Chapter 1  
Title: Early Sunsets
Authors: Becca (nightcomes) and Jenn (organza)
Rating: PG-13 (for now!)
Fandoms: Supernatural/Veronica Mars Crossover
Summary:  Sam and Dean get stuck in Neptune where they meet Veronica Mars. Supernatural stuff begins to occur, while long lost friends make their comebacks.  (Okay bare with us, we SUCK at summary. But it's sooo much better than it sounds).
Disclaimer: We do not own anything VM and SPN related. Although we wish we did.

Hey guys, this is our first fanfic (well mine) and it's not the greatest writing but it's gonna be full of angst and stuff, so me and nightcomes hope you'll enjoy it.


Veronica dropped her lunch bag on the regular shiney, yellow table. She plopped herself down letting her head rest on her forearms.
"Yo, V! You look tired. You okay?" her best friend Wallace Fennell said sitting infront of her.
Veronica grunted and lifted her head. "Yeah, something wore me out last night"
"Oohh you naughty little x-rated school girl! Never knew you had it in you!" Wallace joked.
Veronica raised an eyebrow and realized how what she just said sounded like. Feeling slightly embarrased she smiled shyly and said, "No you douche, Logan came over in the middle of the night!"
Wallace laughed. "I bet he did, and I bet you had a damn good time."
Veronica rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to say something but instead she burst out laughing. "Damn you Wallace, you're always thinking about that stuff, huh? But really. He got into a fight with Weevil so this morning I went to his uncle's auto shop to talk to him. That's why I wasn't here this morning. Then these two weird brothers came up to me just out of nowhere and asked me for a ride to the Camelot. Who in their right mind would ask for a ride to that cheap-ass motel?"
"Hmm..." Wallace said, "maybe people with no money?"
Veronica rolled her eyes again. "Aahhh, shut up Wallace."
Then Veronica felt a pair of strong arms softly grab her from behind. "Hey baby," Logain said sitting down beside her. "Where were you this morning? I missed you." Logan smiled that cute smile of his.
Veronica began to blush. "Haha, I'll leave you two love birds alone. See you later V," Wallace said. He stood up, gathered his things and walked off.
Just as Logan and Veronica began to talk the lunch bell rang signaling class.

Sam sat on the bed in the motel room flipping the channels while waiting for Dean to get out of the shower. He sighed, "There's nothing on. Not that I watch TV anyway."
Sam heard the shower in the bathroom shut off and Dean emerged minutes later with nothing but a towel covering his lower regions. Water dripped from his body onto the floor. "Dean! You're soaking the place!" Sam shouted.
"Oh shut up," Dean said walking past Sam's bed to get his clothes. Dean got dressed and grabbed the remote control from Sam.
He changed the channel to the local news station. The sheriff was plastered on the television screen. The monotone voice droned on. "We assure the citizens of Neptune, it is safe to go out at night. There are no strange things occuring. These things do not exist. I repeat, these things do not exist."
Dean turned off the TV and stood up. He grabbed his leather jacket off the chair near the bed and turned to Sam. "Let's go," he said.
Sam raised an eyebrow. "What? Where are we going?" Sam questioned.
"Where do you think?" When Sam didn't respond Dean sighed. "The police station."
Sam finally stood up. "Oh. And who are we going to be this time?"
Dean shrugged and opened the door. "Don't know. We'll figure it out when we get there."

Dean and Sam walked into the police station carrying a pen and a notepad used by reporters. "Reporters?" Dean said. "How origional."
Sam glared at Dean. "Got any better ideas?"
Dean grunted and walked up to the front desk. Sam followed. The lady behind the desk greeted the brothers with a warm smile. "Hello," she said. She had a thick foreign accent. Her name tag read "Inga".
"Hi," Sam said smiling back. "We're from a paper in LA. We're here regarding the strange things that are happening around Neptune."
Inga looked around nervously as if to make sure no one was listening. "Yes. Very, very strange things." she began to lower her voice. "People are dying. The sheriff wouldn't want me to tell a paper from LA this, but the department doesn't know what to do. There are no suspects because this does not concern humans. Ghosts are killing these people."
Dean coughed. "So much for just passing through." he whispered
Sam spoke up, trying to deown out Dean's whining. "Ghosts? Why do you think that?" Sam questioned Inga.
Inga leaned closer to Sam trying to make sure no one else around would hear her. "Because I saw it with my own eyes!" Inga abruptly stood up and smiled again. "Good afternoon sheriff." she said as the sheriff walked through the doors.
"Inga," the sheriff said, eyeing Dean and Sam.
The brothers took that as their cue to leave. "Thank you for your time Inga." Sam said
Inga continued to smile as the brothers walked away. "You're welcome!"

Sam and Dean ditched the notepads and pens on the bus stop seat. "Her face must hurt from smiling that much." Dean commented.
Ignoring his brother's comment, Sam said, "You do realize that all of our weapons and fake IDs are in the car, which is in the shop, which might get snooped through? If someone finds all of what we're doing we're screwed."
Dean's eyes grew wide as if a lighbulb went off in his head. "Oh shit you're right. We have to get it back. Do you remember where the place is?"
Sam shook his head. "Nope."
Dean began to pace around. "We have to find that girl that gave us a ride this morning. She probably goes to highschool right?" Sam nodded in agreement. "Then let's go find that high school."
The only public highschool they found near the place was Neptune High, Pan High being on the other side of the city. They hopped on a bus and headed to Neptune High to find the tiny blonde they met that morning.

Veronica dragged herself from class to class that afternoon. She even fell asleep in history. When the final bell rang signaling the end of the day all she wanted to do was to go home and collapse on the couch.
When she neared her car in the parking lot she saw the two guys from this morning standing by her car. She yawned and walked up to them. "Can I help you boys?"
Sam spoke up. He didn't think she liked Dean all that much. "Would you mind giving us a ride to the garage? We want to see if our car is ready."
Dean glared at Sam. "Our car? Dude, it's my car."
Sam rolled his eyes and looked at Veronica. "Sure. One condition though. Tell me why you lost boys are really in this fine city of Neptune."
Sam and Dean looked at eachother. "We really are just passing through." Dean said.
Veronica looked Dean in the eyes. She believed that they were just passing through but she knew that wasn't the whole story.
Dean and Sam stepped away from Veronica to talk. Veronica impatiently tapped her foot on the concrete. "What are we supposed to tell her Dean? She's not going to believe that we're reporters." Sam said.
Dean sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I know, but we can't tell her what we do."
Sam scratched his head in frustration. "Then we'll tell her we're investigating the stuff that's been going on. That's somewhat believable right?"
Dean shrugged and walked back over to Veronica. "Well, well?" she said impatiently.
"We're investigating the things that have been happening around here lately." Dean said with a smile.
Veronica pondered in thought for a few seconds. She then came to the conclusion that they were telling the truth. Half of it anyway. "Alright, get in, Sherlocks."

Holly: Katherinehollowinsidex on June 28th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC)
omg great! you guys do too write really well! i cant wait to read more!